Monday, December 14, 2009

Children's Art

I just love Tip Junkies blog. She always has such great ideas that she has found. I asked her the other day for great ideas on how to display my Son's artwork because he is always asking me to hang it up. So, today she did! If you would like to see her ideas go here. After reading this I thought of a great idea I saw once on one of those decorating shows.

Do you have a stack of your childs art that you are too afraid to get rid of? Is it over taking your drawer? Well, here is your solution....

Take a picture of them. Or if you have a scanner you could scan them into your computer. Now they are saved FOREVER. Here are a couple of my sons work.

This is the first thing he brought home.

These are his circles. I know I am bias but he is really good for his age. I need to share on of his drawings of people sometime. His teacher says he adds more details than most kids his age! ***Proud mommy moment*****

So, get out your camera and then feel no guilt when throwing them away!

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