Friday, January 29, 2010

Picture Friday- Birthdays

The assignment this Friday is Birthdays.  If you want to see others entries click here.  This is of my son helping to make his cupcakes. He did the sprinkles.  Can you tell how excited he is!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I don't know about you but sometimes I get in the middle of a project and then a problem arises or in my case this last time I really wanted to paint my bedroom.  It started out with one wall in chocolate brown. If you can't afford paint and don't mind the time period or are flexible in your colors check the Lowe's Mis Match shelf.  We got all of these there.  Gallon-$5 Quart-$2

Well, that looked good so how about going around the corner that is a little entry to our bedroom.

Then I saw this great idea for taking a glaze and stencil it on the wall.  Then when the light hit it just right you would see the pattern.  Well, I tried a clear glaze.

And it didn't exactly show up like I would have liked.  Then one day we found a quart of tinted Glaze and it was in the brown family so why not.

Yes! That is it. Here is a picture of the whole wall from the other side of the room.  This will show you just how the glaze doesn't just take over the wall.

Well, I still have a 1/2 gallon of paint left. Ummmm, How about the opposite wall.  Don't mind if I do.  Here it is with the stencil also.

We were done and I wanted to do our half bath in a Granny Smith Apple Green.  Another trip to Lowe's and we found a darker green that was shown as a complimentary color to the brown. Ummm, Ok... The other two walls can be I think it was like an Army Green.  Oh, wait I have this vinyl lettering on that wall!  Problem.... Solution.....

                                           Paint around it!

Then Frame it

Here is the whole wall

Now I just need to do the wall behind our bed in the green and the half bath.  Then of course you need new bedding!  A trip to Ross and my lucky find!

I can't show you it on my bed yet because it is not coming out of this bag until the painting is done!  Hope you enjoyed my latest project!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's get organized....organized!

One of my favorite blogs has a Talk to me Tuesday.  Today she is asking to see our organization around the house.  Here are a few of mine.  And if you want to see others ideas visit Tip Junkie.  I have already found several things I would like to try.
Here is our mail organizer.  It is not as neat as I would like.  We have an in slot an out slot and Misc.  But being in the kitchen it just looks messy.

Ok, I really like this one.  We never know where to leave notes.  Especially if it is between me and my hubby.  So, I was at Target the other day and found a cork board for $2.50.  It is in a frame where I could take out the cork and wrap it with the fabric and secure it with craft glue on the back. (Bragging moment)- Look close to what is pinned on there.  My son got Superintendent's Honor Roll! Pre-K!

My humble grocery list.  I keep it on the fridge that way as the week goes on I can write something down immediately when I see I need it.  Then before I go I plan out my week menu and add those things to the list.

This is by our door to our garage.  It started out as a place for me to hang my purse and diaper bag.  I got the idea from my mother in law.  Now we need to add more hooks because everyone is hanging their coats there.  And anything we might need to take with us the next day gets put by the door.  That is my church bag and my youngest sons church bag.  Check here for my vision of what I want it to look like.

Here is my simple calendar.  At my old house I hung it in the kitchen.  I have yet to find a good place for it. 

Oh yea! My new thing for this house.  My laundry sorter.  I still need to add labels(Light, Dark,whites)  I always sorted on the floor and if I didn't get to a stack then we walked over it until I got it done.  It is also on wheels so I can roll it from my bedroom to the laundry room.

At our old house my husband and I had separate closets.  I didn't have to look at his disarray.  But, now we share one small closet.  I am a fenatic about organizing my clothes.  They have to be separated by type and then I rotate with in that type and put what I have worn in the back and leave what I haven't worn in the front.  I know I am crazy.  And my oldest sons closet is the same way.

Lastly, after having a wedding shower,  baby showers for my 2 kids,. numerous birthdays and Christmases I have quit a collection of gift sacks.  I know they are more affordable than they use to but I still can't throw them away.  So, here is my tub that holds them all and my scissors, curly ribbon, labels, and tape.  I keep it on a shelf in my closet.

Ok, if you are still reading this LONG entry I need to share my demise.

I must admit some disorganization.  These are where the other peoples tips are going to come in handy.  My sons room!  We are making a play room for them.  So, I hope that will help.

Where to my projects and important papers, coupons, menus?

Ugh, lastly all these boxes we still have stuff in from the move and don't know what to do with it.  Again I am hoping the play room Will help with some of this!

Thanks, for stopping by.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Water is so magical. It can be captured in so many ways. On Friday Mandy Stansberry gave an assignment to show our favorite water picture. Here is mine.

Here are a few others just to look at.  I just love water......

These are of the Fountain at the Landing in Branson.  At night the fire and water show is spectacular.  If you want to look at everyone elses entries got here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Seeing Red

I was looking through some of the blogs I like to read and came across this contest. Pick a photo you have taken and it must have the color read featured. I looked and looked through all my folders and I found this adorable one of my 5 yr old at his Birthday Party. Check out the website to see others.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cute Giveaway

I love anything that is a giveaway.... And I especially like this one at the daily decorator. I wouls love to have this in my kitchen. To display my kids artwork, or a place to leave notes... ETC.. So hop on over and take a look!Click Here!