Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where does he get this?

Look at those brown eyes! Both Nathan and I have hazel eyes. Owen has hazel eyes. So, when I noticed Mark has brown eyes I wondered where they came from. Come to find out Peggy and her dad have brown eyes. So, a gift from God to our family was the brown eyes from Granddad Logsdon. We love and miss him so much. Now we have a living reminder of him in these great brown eyes.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Kind Heart

Today I took Mark back to the Dr to see if his ear infection was gone. Its not. We are on another antibiotic and we will be checked again in two weeks. Anyways the real point to this is to brag on Owen. While we were in the waiting room this lady dropped something on the floor. Owen went and picked it up for her. She looked at me and said he had a kind heart. Isn't that the proudest moment for a mom. For someone else to say such nice things about your kids. And she is right. Owen is very sweet and compassionate. I love him dearly and very proud of the boys he is. He will be a great role model for Mark.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I was up with Mark at 11:30 last night with him screaming his head off. I tried to feed him. He would eat a little then scream. So, I gave him teething tablets. That didn't work. So, I was trying to think.... then he burbed. Oh, yeah gas...... I guess since he isn't so little anymore I forget about gas bubbles. Silly me. A few gas drops, and bottle, and rocking from his mommy and he was just fine!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I wish I could be.....

So many funny things seem to happen with my darling son Owen. I am keeping a journal of them so some day he will know what a great kids he is. But after seeing other peoples blogs I thought some of you might find the humor too!

Now to the newest thing. On Friday we went to the bank and Owen always gets a sucker. Well, when I handed it to him this time he said "I wish I could be the man that hands out suckers to people"

Then today we were at the church and Pat and Arthur were there cleaning. And Owen said "I wish I could clean windows" So, Pat gave him a rag and he cleaned the windows to the office. He was so proud of himself.

And finally later on we went to tumbling class. And on the way home he said "I wish I could teach tumbling class" I told him when he is bigger he could if he wanted too. He said "I wonder how old the teacher is?" That way he would know when he was big enough to teach!

I guess in all of this I have learned to never stop wishing! Or you will get exactly that... Nothing!