Thursday, January 28, 2010


I don't know about you but sometimes I get in the middle of a project and then a problem arises or in my case this last time I really wanted to paint my bedroom.  It started out with one wall in chocolate brown. If you can't afford paint and don't mind the time period or are flexible in your colors check the Lowe's Mis Match shelf.  We got all of these there.  Gallon-$5 Quart-$2

Well, that looked good so how about going around the corner that is a little entry to our bedroom.

Then I saw this great idea for taking a glaze and stencil it on the wall.  Then when the light hit it just right you would see the pattern.  Well, I tried a clear glaze.

And it didn't exactly show up like I would have liked.  Then one day we found a quart of tinted Glaze and it was in the brown family so why not.

Yes! That is it. Here is a picture of the whole wall from the other side of the room.  This will show you just how the glaze doesn't just take over the wall.

Well, I still have a 1/2 gallon of paint left. Ummmm, How about the opposite wall.  Don't mind if I do.  Here it is with the stencil also.

We were done and I wanted to do our half bath in a Granny Smith Apple Green.  Another trip to Lowe's and we found a darker green that was shown as a complimentary color to the brown. Ummm, Ok... The other two walls can be I think it was like an Army Green.  Oh, wait I have this vinyl lettering on that wall!  Problem.... Solution.....

                                           Paint around it!

Then Frame it

Here is the whole wall

Now I just need to do the wall behind our bed in the green and the half bath.  Then of course you need new bedding!  A trip to Ross and my lucky find!

I can't show you it on my bed yet because it is not coming out of this bag until the painting is done!  Hope you enjoyed my latest project!

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  1. I love your new bedroom. I have lived in my house for five years now. The two swatches that I couldn't decide on when we moved in....yep, still stuck to my wall. Life just got in the way. But I can't wait to paint my bedroom! Great job!