Monday, November 30, 2009


On Tuesday I picked my son up from school. It was great to see his teacher back from Gall-Bladder surgery. They have really missed her. On the way home Owen said "I am happy it is Thanksgiving but I am not happy we are out of school." So sad. I am glad he loves school so much. I hope that continues till he grraduates!

Nathan's family decided this year to push lunch back to 3 or have dinner early. How ever you want to look at it. It was great. We got up and hung around the house. I got a nap. And then around noon I started cooking my potatoes and making my salad. Having a realaxed morning was really nice. I totally did not get my camera out. But Nathan's aunt was nice enough to sent me a couple of pics. Hope all of you had a blessed Thanksgiving.

Here is Josh with Mark and his daughter Alexandria

Here is Peggy feeding Mark desert. He loved it!

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