Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas Ideas

Tis the season. My son had me singing Christmas Carols on the way home today. It got me to thinking about what we are going to be getting people this year. And do I get it now or try to do the day after Thanksgiving mad dash! Well, My wonderful Mother-in-law has introduced me to shopping online. What a wonderful thing. You don't have to go anywhere and it arrives at your door step. Here are some of my favorite sites: http://www.lakeside.com/ and http://www.collectionsetc.com/.

Now if you are like me a like to support other work at home moms. Who are trying to raise their families and make an extra buck then you need to look at these two.

If you live in the Oklahoma City area check out Holly's sweets. She makes anything chocolate that you can dream of. I use her alot for baby showers. But, she also has great gift sets.

Another wonderful woman is Sara from Sara's Art House. You can find her blog here. In fact right now she is offering gift certificates for Custom paintings she does. I have ordered her print from her esty store. I have a custom painting on order and I am so excited! It is my birthday present this year.

Hope everyone has a blessed Holiday Season.


  1. Thank you so much for participating in Tip Junkie's Talk to Me Tuesday on promoting women in business.

    You're absolutely fabulous for telling everyone about these shops!

    Hugs from Texas,


  2. Thanks for mentioning me! You are so sweet! Can't wait to paint for you!