Sunday, December 19, 2010

School Christmas Party

We had a great time with Owen's Classmates at their Christmas Party.  I thought I would share how to make 2 of the treats we had.

Santa Claus Cookies

You will need:  1 Pkg of Nutter Butter Cookies, 1 pkg of Almond bark, 1 Pkg of white Chocolate Chip morsales, red sugar crystals, 1 pkg mini Chocolate Chip morsals.

Melt a few blocks at a time of the almond bark in a double boiler

Dip the top part of the cookie in the Almond Bark

Dip part of the Almond bark covered end in the red Sugar

Place a White Chocolate morsal for the Pom Pom on the hat

Then dip the other end in the Almond bark

Add Mini Chocolate chip for the eyes.  Apply a little of the almond bark to secure the eyes

You can skip this part but I used a little bit of melted chocolate for the mouth

The recipe called `for red hots as the nose.  but I took a little of the melted almond bark, and then sprinkled some red sugar for the nose.

Next is a snowman Pretzel

You will need Pretzel rods, Almond bark, Mini Chocolate chip morsals, Fruit by the foot, Gum Drops and Gummy rings

Melt the Almond Bark a couple of blocks at a time in a double boiler

Dip one half to 2/3 of the pretzel in the Almmond Bark

Place the Mini Chocolate Chips for the eyes and buttons

Place the pretzels in a small glass and tie a strip of Fuit by the foot around the pretzel for a scarf.  I tried tieing them but they kept breaking.  So I ended up twisting them.

The recipe called for orange icing for the noses.  I cut up and orange gummy ring and placed as the nose.

Take one Gum Drop and one Gummy Ring (I also dug a little hole out of the bottom of the Gum Drop)

Slip the Gummy ring over the smaller end of the Gum drop
Dip the end of the pretzel into the Almond Bark and place his "Hat" on.


Merry Christmas

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