Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Once Bunny Ears now Moose Antlers

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In last Weeks Friday folder we got a list of Themes for this week as my son's school celebrates Dr. Seuss.  Yesterday was PJ's, today is Wear Green and Crazy glasses, Tomorrow is backwards day.  All easy.  But, then comes Thursday.... Wear Antlers and a Heart.  Ummm, wish I knew this in December!  And since I couldn't send my kid with nothing I had to get crafty.  I found a headband with rabbit ears so this is how I turned it into Moose Antlers.

First I found some of my Florist wire and twisted it around the ears and sticking out in all directions for my antler form.

Then I got 4 sheets of brown felt.  I put one piece under each ear and traced the outline.  My lines were about an inch away from the wire and ears. And then putting two pieces together I cut out the felt.

Ok, now pull out your brown felt scrapes and find some straight pieces or cut some to work.  Wrap the head band with the brown felt gluing as you go

This is what you will end up with

Here is where I wasn't sure what to do.  I thought about sewing the felt but then I wasn't sure how to slip them on the ears.  So, Instead I decided on craft glue.  I put one piece under the ears and taped the wires to the felt and then took small pieces of newspaper to stuff the ears.  I then glued all the way around... but then the glue wasn't working by the time I got to another section.  So what you need to do is lay the other piece on top and then gradually work yourself around the edges.  Gluing and pressing till it holds and then move on.

Once you have both ears done you can bend them however you like.  Here is mine finished.

And my model wearing them!

Now if you are ever faced with Thedwick the Big Hearted moose you can be super mom and make these crazy antlers.


  1. Cute! I love that you turned bunny ears into antlers:)

  2. How cute! Looks like your little guy had a blast wearing them!
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