Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's School Party

Well as Home room Mom for my Son's P-K class I have been busy planning their goodies.  Of course we are having PB&J sandwiches cut into hearts, and Rice Crispy Treats.  I also found a great treat with A graham cracker.  And a thin layer of icing.  Then with alphabet cereal you can place the kids name on it like an envelope.  A conversation heart or a heart shaped marshmallow for the "stamp".    Another great one I found I actually tried out this weekend.  Take a 9 inch round ready to bake pie crust.  Cut heart shapes out of it.  I got 6 out of mine.
Bake according to the instruction for pie crust with no filling.

Add a layer of whip cream.

If your son takes control of the whip cream it may look like this!

Then top with fruit.  Red or pinkish would be best but all I had was apples!

Next is a craft I have gotten ready for his class.

With some card stock cut the length and width you would like for a bookmark.  Mine is 5 1/2 inches by 2 inches. Punch a single hole in one end.

Gather some scrap fabric you may have around or buy some Valentine type fabric.  Cut into strips.  Mine are 12 inches long and an inch wide.

Lace the fabric through the hole and tie a knot.  You can stop here and let your child decorate with markers or stamps.

But, from my Mother in Law who use to craft.  I had these wooden hearts.  They can be painted or colored with markers. 

Then I used crafter's glue to attach them to the bookmark.

I found these great stamps at Hobby Lobby.  I thought the kids could use them to decorate the back of the bookmarks.

Hope this has inspired you a little bit!  If you would like some more ideas head over to Skip To My Lou!

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