Thursday, September 17, 2009

New House

Well we did it! We finally sold our mobile home. We have lived here for 11 years. This was Nathan and I's first house together. It is a bittersweet transition. We are very excited about this new chapter in our lives. Here are a few pics of the house from the listing on the internet.
Any suggestions on what color to paint the outside? It is just too plain.
Don't you just love my new Kitchen? I was afraid I would miss my nice kitchen I have now. But, I think just might make it a little easier!

Don't you just love the hall wall they painted. Who would have thought? Not me, I am not good at interior design.

We move in the first of October so we have been very busy packing! Hope all is going well with all of you.


  1. The house looks beautiful! Congrats!

  2. How cute!!! could you just paint the shutters, door, and garage door? You could do red!