Sunday, August 2, 2009

Babies First Hair cut

Ok, the curls have been so cute on my little man that I haven't had the heart to cut them. When Owen was little he had red curly hair and after his first big Buzz it changed to blonde. So, I have really draged my feet with Mark. However the time has come that he was really starting to look like a girl and the hair was becoming unmanagble. Here are the before and after pics.



He totally looks like a big boy now. But, I guess at 15 months of age I need to let him grow up sometime! Hehehe.... He is a complete ray of sunshine. Even though this past week he has been trying to get in all 4 molars at the same time. The poor guy teeth hurting nose running and me dragging him out to Owen's swim lesson's every day. What a trooper. I love my boys!

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