Thursday, March 19, 2009

Social Butterfly

My Aunt Joyce took me and the boys out to eat at Mazzio's yesterday. When Owen was done eating he went over to the games to act like he was playing. After a little bit I looked over there to check on him and found him sitting at someone elses table. I walked over there and asked if he was bothering them. they said no. It was a grandma with 4 girls and a little boys Owen's age. He talked their ear off and even came and got his plate to go back and eat with them. It was crazy. They were so sweet to him. But, his ability to never meet a stranger is kind of scary. When it got time for us to go he wanted to stay with them. I said honey we don't really know these people. And he yes we do I know their names! Man, am I really going to have to keep and eye on him.

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